Testing Platform

Visual Identity/ UX Design/ Development

We built a POC comprising an accumulation of widgets , workspaces and collaboration pad for proprietary test methodology . This application was conceived as a creative and rapid execution space to evaluate / determine the quality of the features and implement Test cases in any Digital Application.


Dunst was engaged to design and develop a testing collaboration platform with STAG test methodology.

Visual Designs

Our Approach

Dunst worked with the team at STAG to understand the underlying concept of STAGs test methodology and converted that into user journeys, evaluated technology options , Visual assets , list of functional features and finally a set of widgets using a combination of Java script technologies After the analysis phase the project moved to an in-depth understanding of the user journeys, potential obstacles in the design and the necessary details of every feature. Upon mutual agreement of the stakeholders understanding a development sprint plan was put in place and project co-ordination procedures were established. In a time frame of 2 months, we designed and developed the core Application with all its functional features which were inline with the discussion during the early stages of the project. The design was a simpl e ic, single page, responsive web application built using AngularJS, Conva HTML framework and Wordpress .