IKCA Design & Development
Surfing Campaign Design & Implementation
Thumri revisited Campaign Design & Implementation
Period of change Campaign Strategy, Design & Implementation
Anti Plastic Drive Campaign Strategy, Design & Implementation

Mobile strategy, Design, Development Party Scenes Design & Development
Testing Platform Stag Design & Development
Wearable device apps Biocadence Development
Art of Kindness Design & Development
Accounting software platform XCM Solutions Design & Development

Summit Hedge Design & Development
RockNShop Branding, Design, Development
Accentrex Global Branding, Design, Development
Talent Recruit Branding, Design, Development
Flyrt Strategy, Branding, Design, Development
Sepalika Strategy, Branding, Design, Development

Canara Bank Design, Development
Zoffio Strategy, Design, Development
ESI Design, Development
Buttercups Branding, Design, Development
Atlas Systems Design, Development

UX Intervention and functionality upgrade for an international recruitment consultancy.
Design and development of the front end for a healthcare application.
Visual identity design for a B2C ecommerce website.
Culture Machine Design, Development, Testing
Design and development for an ecommerce mobile app.
Realty Compass Design, Development
Digital design and development of a mobile application for a News aggregator.
Development of a mobile application for a cookery show.
Design and development for a CorporateM rewards platform.
Re - design, modernisation and development for a legacy applicatio.
Visual identity design and development for a lifestyle brand.
Co-development of Retro-Infinity player