Natively DIGITAL

Dunst-Nolan is a Digital consulting firm that works at the intersection of Marketing and Technology. We work with Brands, Agencies and Publishers to plan, analyze and build emotionally appealing, innovative Digital Campaigns.


img DUNST [dun-st]/- Noun – NOLAN[ˈnoʊlən]- Adjective img

Our name - Dunst-Nolan captures the spirit of who we are - Nimble, brave, champions of the proclaimed Digital landscape.
DUNST – Origin- German. A lightweight notification Daemon that originated in UNIX and now runs in the background of most operating systems. It is an active Github project.
NOLAN - Origin- Gaelic. A descendent of Nuallán – ‘Nuall’ meaning- A champion- First herald to the Kings.


Our leadership cumulatively has over 4 decades of expertise in all major aspects of Media and Technology. We bring together the perfect blend of skills needed to Dream, Explore and Create impactful campaigns in the modern digital world.

  • Vinod Soman Mariner

  • Sulekha SharmaNavigator